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Our Own Beef
Beef Packages
The following beef packages have been priced as finished cuts only; customers are not paying based on a hanging weight. Packages require a $400 nonrefundable deposit upon ordering. Balance is due in full upon pickup. Pickup date will be arranged based on animal processing schedules at the time of ordering. Package customization may result in price changes; cuts included will be determined based on availability. 

Half (1/2) Cow Package 
200lbs. Finished Cuts
*Steaks – 70lbs. 
        Boneless Ribeye, Chuck, Delmonico, Flank, Inside Skirt, NY Sirloin, 
        Outside Skirt, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Tenderloin, Tri-Tip
*Roasts – 25lbs.
        Brisket, Bottom Round, Chuck, Eye Round, Bone-out Rib, Top Round
*Ground Hamburg – 70lbs. 
*Short Ribs/Stew Meat/Kabobs – 35lbs.

Quarter (1/4) Cow Package 
100lbs. Finished Cuts
*Steaks – 35lbs. 
        Boneless Ribeye, Chuck, Delmonico, Flank, Inside Skirt, NY Sirloin,         Outside Skirt, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Tenderloin, Tri-Tip
*Roasts – 10lbs.
        Brisket, Bottom Round, Chuck, Eye Round, Bone-out Rib, Top Round
*Ground Hamburg – 35lbs. 
*Short Ribs/Stew Meat/Kabobs – 20lbs.

Type of Beef
Whittier Farms raises Holstein steers (castrated males). As a dairy breed, Holstein beef will be much leaner than the popular beef breeds. We are also raising Holstein-Angus crosses as part of a new initiative to expand our beef herd. The goal of the Holstein-Angus cross is to bring out the best that both breeds have to offer: meat quality, size, and feed efficiency.

Our beef animals are raised with the dairy herd in our barns eating a balanced daily diet of corn and grass silage, hay, and small amounts of grain. The younger animals stay in the barn year-round but the older animals have access to an outdoor yard through the woods. As the weather allows, the steers are put on pasture land to enjoy the fresh grass. All the silage and the hay fed to our steers (as well as our dairy cows) is grown at Whittier Farms.

Processing and Packaging
Whittier Farms works with Blood Farm in Groton, MA to process and package our beef. The Blood Family is now seven generations in the farming and meat processing industry. Blood Farm is USDA certified; a USDA inspector observes the staff and animals at Blood Farm from the moment the animal walks off our trailor through the aging, cutting, and wrapping process. All of the beef from Blood Farm for Whittier Farms is fresh frozen to lock in the flavor and freshness of the meat.

Beef Cuts
Whittier Farms offers Our Own Beef (see price sheet for a full list) in a variety of cuts and sizes. If you are looking for a specific cut of meat or need an organ for a specialty dish, please let us know and we will try to add it to our next cut sheet instructions. Whittier Farms' Own Beef is competitively and reasonably priced as we want you and your family to enjoy high-quality local beef affordably.

At a Glance Pricing for Individual Cuts
Additional Cuts are Available  

Ground Hamburg                             $6.49 lb.
NY Sirloin Steak                                $5.99 lb.
Tenderloin Steak                               $17.29 lb. 
Brisket                                                 $7.99 lb
Kabobs                                                $6.49 lb.
Top/Bottom Round Roasts            $6.49 lb.

All prices listed on our website are 
subject to change