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Whittier Farms is home to approximately 200 cows including young stock, milking cows, and our beef cows. We are part of the Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamery Cooperative along with 800 other farm families across the region.
In addition to making high quality milk for Cabot Creamery, Whittier Farms sells our cows on the international market. Please contact us if you are looking for more information about our herd genetics. 
Registered Holsteins
Holsteins are the most popular breed of dairy cows in America. They are also the top milk producers. Whittier Farms registers our cows with the Holstein Association to provide in-depth reports and genetic history on each animal. 
Our Calves
We raise our calves in individual hutches with a wire fence around them to prevent the young calves from sharing any illnesses and providing a clean living area. The hutches face south to protect the calves from the harsh north winds while allowing maximum sunshine for the calves. In the hot summer, the white hutches reflect the sun to keep the inside cool. 
Whittier Farms Genetics
In addition to providing Cabot Creamery with high-quality milk, Whittier Farms has a long-standing tradition of high quality genetics. We bring our cows to shows and sales across the United States and promote our cows on the global market. If you are interested in our genetics, please contact us.
Our Cows
As a member/owner of Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Whittier Farms proudly participates in the National Dairy FARM Program. The FARM Program sets the highest standards when it comes to animal care. FARM creates a culture of continuous improvement that inspires dairy farmers to do things even better every day. Please check out the FARM Program website for more information. 
Collaborating with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Whittier Farms has seeded aerial rye as a cover crop for two consecutive years. Learn more about the aerial rye program in the video and visit the farm to learn more about how Whittier Farms takes responsibility for protecting,enhancing, and sustaining the land we farm.