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Compost Manure
$20.00 per yard
$7.99 per bag 
Whittier Farms Landscaping Materials
Whittier Farms offers the following landscaping materials to help your lawn and garden look great this year. 
Pick -up is  generally available from 9am-5pm during the week and 9am-2pm on the weekend during peak season. 
Our bagged products are approximately 1.5 cubic feet of material.

If you are interested in having our products delivered to your home or business, visit our farm store, give us a call, or submit the form below and our driver will get in touch with you. 
Delivery fee starts at $30 and varies based on your location and quantity needed. 
Screened Loam        
$26.00 per yard
$9.99 per bag
1/2 inch by 6 screen
Hemlock All-Natural Mulch
 (Natural Red Color)
$43.00 per yard
$11.49 per bag 
Midnight Mulch
$39.00 per yard
$10.99 per bag
Additional Products
Crushed Gravel
Wood Chips
Hay Bales - Limited Quantity Construction-Grade 
$9.99 each
Straw Bales - Sold Out

Prices are subject to change. 
$120 - Pallet of Wood
$225 - Cord Wood - Delivery Available