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Whittier Farms Landscaping Materials
~ Servicing Homeowners & Contractors
~ Pick-Up at the Farm or Schedule Delivery to your Home, Business, or Job Site
-Delivery Starts at $30 Depending on Location & Quantity
- Online Delivery Request Available Below

Products Available

Compost Manure 

Screened Loam (1/2"x 6 screen)

Hemlock Bark Mulch (All Natural, No Dye)

Midnite Bark Mulch (Black Dye)

Cord $225 ~ Delivery Available
Pallet $120
Box $65-$99
Wheelbarrow $15 

Other Products Available - Call for Pricing
Crushed Gravel
Wood Chips
Hay and Straw (Not Currently Available due to Weather)​

How Much Do You Need?
Enter all your measurements in feet to start:
(length x width x depth)/27 = total number of yards needed
​12’ x 14’ x 0.5’ (6” deep) = 84 cubic feet divided by 27 cubic feet per yard  
= 3.1 yards 
Would advise the customer purchase 3 yards of material